The Afterlife of i

My anti-hero died today.

Beyond the grave, he sent the news—

The ghost of global communication,

Wireless wanderer of the mobile wire

Has now possessed us all forever

With a handheld brand immortality.

The black, plastic soul of a brave new universe,

Technocratic alternative traversed for progress

And death cannot digress

From the conversation of


You and i that is,

Because i see me in you,

Too overly free and too,

Uncompromisingly arrogant

About doing it “my way”

Or the i way

Life lived forthright with iSight

In that Randian vein:

Truth and Justice for all

After all the prophets are paid.

But PC is for Proletariat Control

The future brought to you sooner

By the consumer consumer,

The baby-boomer Anti-Prole,

The dropout genius, eating

Newton’s fruit, forbidden—

the bite heard ‘round the world.

Technological Renaissance flag unfurled.

Arts and education accelerated.

Jobs created in markets and media,

The cross-pollination of nations

With fingertips at our music bliss

A multimedia world of change

The universal-engage movement.

And a quiet uprising of dropout dorks is dreaming

Beyond the bounds of the present and possible

Recalling the gospel of Steve, exhorting the youth:

“Stay hungry. Stay foolish,”

Fuelish words, or so it seems.

To talk of dreams and failure

So coolishly,

As if we could all get fired up

And climb the corporate ladder,

relentless vision in tow,

A world molded in our own image:

An apple with a scar

In the spot where we bit it.